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We spot errors and issues instantly, letting you fix them before they can bother your users.

npm install @watchcathq/
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Spot, Diagnose, Fix

Error reporting

Instantly receive alerts on application errors, dive deep with detailed diagnostics, and proactively address issues to maintain user trust and enhance your app's reputation.

Always On, Always Reliable

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your application's availability continuously. Get instant alerts on downtimes, access vital performance insights, and ensure a seamless user experience that builds unwavering trust.

Identify issues fast

Identify issues fast

Receive pinpointed code locations along with stack traces for effortless issue identification.
Check overall application health

Check overall application health

The dashboard displays the health of all your applications, including status trends and monitor updates.
Effortless integration

Effortless integration

Install SDK for your platform or framework. This will automatically report all warnings, errors, unhandled exceptions and start monitoring your application.
Get alerts when your attention is needed

Get alerts when your attention is needed

You can concentrate fully on your work and if anything goes wrong, you'll get an immediate notification.
Proactive Approach.
Instead of waiting for users to report problems or leaving issues undetected, stay a step ahead.
Maximize Availability.
Ensure your application is always accessible to users. Every minute of downtime can result in lost revenue, especially for e-commerce or SaaS platforms.
Mistakes happen.
WatchCat ensures they're short-lived.
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